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How is private information managed – Chatting on (not mine) (in the nineties) was fairly private, but now it is silent, owned by the worlds who is worshipped by thousands...

With $35Billion behind , (With apologies to Suzie Quatro) The world's GreediestMan buys self praising advertising with his loose pocket change

With about $100Million a week “coming in” (for no further effort) and for “the foreseeable future” There's nothing “Fair” or “generous” or “caring” about the worlds GreediestMan - His sick greed affects us all. He needs to give up “the top of the heap” to another... but is addicted entirely to his greed.

So How about giving some back to this that you mostly appear to own....? It's falling apart because of GREED. And YOU are the champion of greed.

Greed is not good in such excesses. You can still ride your high horse back to your mansion, Of course, “it's all yours” and you can set fire to it rather than help anyone or let go. You deserve assassination as …. so stop being so greedy. Learn to care for others, not just for the false image of caring.

This domain is not for sale – I do not want to be like you. I'd prefer not to be assassinated for my words, but somebody has to speak of this.

If Its To Be, It's Up To Me”

So go to your grave as the worlds GreediestMan either soon or 50 years on … Or make a change for the better …. such does not leave you at all impoverished in real terms or human terms. Then I'll have a beer with you.... maybe.

Lord Oxford